JK TOP, Industrial, Co., Ltd. Industrial and Commercial lighting.

JK TOP Industrial, Co., LTD is a leading manufacturer of LED lighting, Electronic Products, Solar Power Engineering as well as Solar Key Components.

Since its inception in 1990, we developed and manufactured a completed line of commercial, industrial and institutional lighting products. As a matter of fact our company is especially strong in LED lighting technology development. In addition many other customer ordered electronic products from us. Unique Example

The company has taken its expertise and translated it to product designs for our demanding customers. JK TOP partners are located in the USA, Germany, Canada, the Netherlands, Poland, Turkey and Taiwan. In a world of conglomerates in the Lighting, Digital Signage and manufacturing industries, JK TOP-Industrial C0., LTD remains privately owned. Our plant can handle large volume orders from the initial design stage to manufacturing and world wide shipping.

<h2>Solar Power means Electricity for Less

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun that is harnessed using a range of technologies such as solar power to generate electricity.

Use solar energy to power your home, your industrial facility, reduce your dependence on the grid and take control of your monthly electricity bill

Project Engineering

JK TOP, Industrial, C0., LTD  is a design, engineering and systems integration firm that transforms customers’ ideas and requests into reality. The firm strives to provide the best and most appropriate solutions.  For Audio & Visual, Security, Medical Devices,  Health Care Communication and Educational Systems. We meet our customers’ functional, budgetary and implementation requirements.

As a leading manufacturer of LED lighting and electronic products, we always keep close and updated to the latest technologies.

By using the latest technological innovations, we affect people every day. Therefore providing a positive impact on national security, corporate, health care and education systems worldwide. Moreover, we provide custom design, high-end systems, integration services, on-site support as well as ongoing maintenance. One important Engineering example is our unique and universal LED retrofit solution for Linear Trunking Lighting Systems.

Digital Signage and Video Walls

Digital signage has come to the age that it becomes a trend in all industries. There are more and more shops applying digital signage as their digital advertising solution to replace the traditional ones. This confirms that there is a big change in the digital landscape. Digital Advertising, Digital Signage

JK TOP-Industrial C0., LTD LED Wall’s are ideally suited for retail applications, furthermore they deliver a bigger visual effect with maximum impact. LED displays are easy to install, power efficient and most importantly reliable. Their bright image displays and ease of use make them an attractive option for many different settings. Store signage, billboards and other advertising, destination signs, stage shows, indoor displays, and more. The brightness of LED panels is probably the main reason they are supplanting projectors as the top choice of visual technicians.

The technology has moved ahead considerably and costs have reduced. You’ll be surprised by both how much can be achieved and the amount it costs. LED Wall signs can now be lower cost than conventional multi screen based solutions. They are brighter, border less, longer life and more reliable than other alternatives.

Especially when there’s ambient light, such as at outdoor music festivals, ballparks, stadiums, and fashion and auto shows. LED panels are the clear choice. Ambient lighting will make a projected image more difficult to see, it will not have any effect on the visibility of an LED image. Depending on the venue, a LED Wall may not even need to be run at their full brightness. Therefore they can last even longer than they’re supposed to and require less energy to operate.


JK TOP Industrial, Co., LTD procurement is obtaining or purchasing goods or services, typically for business purposes. Our procurement is most commonly associated with businesses because companies must solicit services or purchase goods, usually on a relatively large scale. Furthermore we additionally offer the complete range of Logistic,s and handling of your products.

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