JKTOP LED NEON FLEX Rope for Advertisement, Signage and decorative Indoor/Outdoor Lighting is the next generation in linear LED lighting design.

There’s no doubt that, glass neon fixtures and accent lighting are expensive.

LED NEON FLEX is an economical and energy saving alternative to standard neon lighting.

It will provide you with an easy to customize, highly versatile and extremely durable solution for your next lighting project.

The advantages of LED Neon Flex Rope Light compared to traditional glass Bulbs and Neon Tubes are striking.

LEDs produce the same evenly disbursed light as traditional neon at a fraction of the energy usage.

LED Neon Flex Rope Lights consist of SMD 3014 LEDs soldered at a flexible PCB encased within a Silicon protective casing which is molded into a unique shape.

This shape allows for the even disbursement of light and produces a consistent light effect like that of traditional glass neon fixtures.


You can realize up to 70% energy savings with LED Neon Flex.

In addition, LED,s  will last much longer > 50.000 hours and are much more durable than any glass bulbs or tubes.

Now you can achieve the look of traditional glass neon with extremely flexible, lateral bendable inexpensive LED Neon Flex Rope Light.

The perfect combination of emerging LED technology along with innovative ECO friendly UV resistant Silicon material tubing.

Which gives LED Neon Flex lights the ability to mimic the uniformity and brightness of light produced by traditional glass neon at a fraction of the price.

LED Neon Flex Rope Lights can be cut every 50mm [1.97in] at cutting mark to customize your desired length making them perfect for custom applications.

Available in 7 colors: red 620-625nm, yellow 585-590nm, green 520-525nm, blue 465-470nm, warm white 3000K, daylight 4000K and cool white 6500K.

With its exceptionally thin Silicon milky light surface profile, JKTOPs lateral bendable LED NEON FLEX allows lighting designers to create organic and unique shapes.

Perfect for dramatic lighting effects.

Its uniform light creates a dot-free seamless effect from start to finish.

JKTOP LED Neon Flex  is UL/cUL, CE, and RoHS compliant and by using advanced testing equipment and technology multiple environmental resistance.

SGS approved , optical, mechanical and electrical tests to ensure it stands up to the harshest environments.

Give your restaurant or business the attention it deserves with the cleanest, brightest, most uniform Neon Flex LED lights available.

Neon Rope Light Applications:

  • Signage / Advertisements / Artistic Displays
  • Clubs, Hotels and Bars
  • Art Shows
  • Business Displays Interior  / Exterior Lighting
  • Automotive Lighting

Technical Details:

LED Type: SMD 3014LED, Quantity per Meter 120 pieces.

Input Voltage: 24 DC constant Voltage

Power consumption: 9,6 Watt per Meter

Viewing angle: 150 Degree

Working Temperature: -25 – + 60 Degree Celsius

Running Length: Single feed 15 Meters (49.2 feet), Double feed 30 Meters (98.4 feet)

Housing material:  Silicon glue extrusion , UV resistant, Fire retardant, and high-low temperature resistant. SGS laboratory Xenon-arc exposure test passed.

IP rated: IP 67


Please ask for our comprehensive range of accessories of mounting Brackets, Silicon end fittings, L-Shape connectors, Linear-connectors, Cables, Aluminum Mounting channels, Self-locking Aluminum channels, Power supply connectors and more.

Detailed Brochure, Installation and Mounting guide with pictures and tooling recommendation is readily available.

Digital Advertising, Digital Signage

  • CE
  • EMC
  • ETL
  • RoHS
  • UL

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