LED Light Bar and LED Stripes


Illuminating the area under or in cabinets really transforms a room. LED light bars and strips provide superb task lighting for everyday activities and increase the overall illumination in a room. Never has it been easier to achieve this look than now with the various LED light strip kits.

Cabinet LED Lights

Give your cabinets a modern face lift by adding Cabinet LED lights to the interior. It opens up the space and helps you to find what you need. Sleek. Sophisticated. Economical. Safe.

Illuminating the footwell area creates a balance of light from ceiling to floor. Adding depth and character to a room. It serves as a path light to increase safety and awareness. While at the same time creating a stunning accent.

The uses of LED lighting around the home are endless. Lighting gives life to a room. It can stimulate the mood or add a splash of color in an unexpected place. LED Light Bar and LED Flexible Strips can be used to create task lighting or add accents to a variety of spaces.

If you want energy efficiency and durability, look no further than our selection of LED under or in cabinet lights. LED task lighting is often the least bulky, longest-lasting and one of the best ways to save energy.  All of our under or in Cabinet LED Lights are low-maintenance, and easy to install. JK-TOPs selection of LED undercabinet lights include strip lights, linkable LED bar fixtures and our famous LED Neon Rope with EPISTAR Chips www.epistar.com.tw.

Choose between LED strip lights (like tape lights), Neon Flex rope and LED light bar. Many of our under or in  cabinet LED lights are linkable. Means you can connect several fixtures together and use a single power source to light them all. The best fixture for you depends on the kind of lighting effect you want. For a more functional, uniform light, linear LED undercabinet lighting works best and can offer the lowest profile. Because our tape lights are so thin and flexible, they are great for lighting along the curves and angles of your kitchen cabinets. Dimmable solutions available.

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