Grocery counter Light Solutions

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We offer a few different filters for Grocery Counter Light Solutions that are central when it comes to meat and fish.

Your high quality meat products are perfectly matched with light that has most of the radiation in the warmer red spectrum. This can be achieved by using special designed LED-modules.

The result of the preferred solution is a vibrant red and fresh looking deli department.

Lighting groceries with our Grocery Counter light solutions in the right way is a very important task.

Seafood like Salmon and shrimps are typical foods that should be combined with a warmer LED light source. It will attract customers by enhancing the red and pinkish colors of the seafood.

The difference in color temperature does not “kill” each other since warm LED and cool color contrasts like Blue enhance each other.

The fish Grocery counter Light Solutions is an area where you usually experience a cool feeling as the fresh goods have to be kept cool.

Pink ore White LED with 2700K and a high CRI above 90 Ra protect the bloom. The natural juices and flavor of assorted meat products ensuring shoppers are more satisfied with their purchase.

Fruits and vegetables Grocery counter Light Solutions look can be achieved by using a LED light Solutions source with 2700K warm white and a color rendering index ( CRI ) of above 90 Ra or alternative pink LED.

The warm colors in bread and cheese are enhanced by using 2700K LED or below. Due to the high amount of warm wavelengths in the spectral distribution.

MEAT Grocery counter Light Solutions

2700K LED module CRI above 90 Ra
or Pink LED Module with defined Wavelength


4200K  LED module CRI above 90 Ra


2500 K  LED module CRI above 90 Ra


2500 K  LED module CRI above 90 Ra

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