Research & Development

From the initial idea to a ready-to-market product, there are many steps to be taken, and most companies have gaps in knowledge or a lack of ability or desire to manage in areas that we can assist in. Missing steps or inexperience postpones the time-to-market, and potentially the time window for the success of a product. In order to meet the time window for products, many companies rely on our experience and support in research and development for their projects.

We can assist you in any step of the process, manage whole parts of the process or manage your project for concept to final shipping. Our service is customized to your product, your resources and how much you want to involve us.

Some of the steps in research and development may include:


  1. Study feasibility of product concepts.
  2. Develop industrial design concepts.
  3. Build and test experimental prototypes.
  4. Define systems and interfaces.
  5. Refine industrial design.
  6. Define part geometry.
  7. Spec materials.
  8. Spec tolerances
  9. Industrial design control documentation.
  10. Reliability, performance and life tests.
  11. Help get regulatory approvals.
  12. Implement design changes
  13. Evaluate early production output.


  1. Estimate manufacturing cost.
  2. Assess production feasibility.
  3. Identify suppliers.
  4. Design assembly scheme.
  5. Define processes.
  6. Design and manufacture tooling.
  7. Begin supplier ramp-up.
  8. Operation of production system.
  9. Inspection.
  10. Packaging.
  11. Shipping.

Consulting Projects

We can help you analyze your product idea and develop your strategies for your next steps or we can create a complete path specification for you.

Product Research and Development

we can start with the implementation for design for software and hardware including a wide range of production tasks including PCB layouts, housing design, packaging and documentation.

We manufacture ready-to-market designs and ensure quality and availability for our customers by utilizing a network of reliable and cost efficient partners.

To support your sales and marketing operations we offer import and sales of existing produce, product launch, price analysis and support in selling overstocked products.

We invite you to challenge us!

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