Light Bars & LED Stripes Dimm to Warm

LED Light Bars & Stripes Dimm to Warm

LED Light Bars & LED Stripes and Dimm To Warm functionality  provide a long list of benefits. Special for those who own restaurants of any variety, from small cafes to five-star eateries. They are aesthetically superior to traditional lighting, reduce monthly energy costs. Lifetime last up to 100 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs. Increased product development in recent years also means lower initial costs and easier installation. Customers can easily and inexpensively use LED strip lights for bars and restaurants. New feature with Dimm to Warm functionality, particularly for dining rooms, lounges, or kitchen areas.

In comparison with incandescent or fluorescent lighting, LEDs require a fraction of the power to produce the same amount of light. And with much better aesthetic results. They not only reduce monthly energy bills, but also allow for creative lighting solutions that will increase visual appeal without driving up costs.

LED Light Bars LED & LED Stripes provide highly elegant illumination in a three different tonal ranges. Natural White and Warm White options are particularly popular in commercial applications.  Our LED products come in a variety of single colors as well as versatile RGB.  And these are great for creating a customized lighting experience in your hotel, restaurant or bar.

Our LED products can be curved, cut and connected to fit virtually anywhere. They provide attractive indirect lighting underneath countertops, around barbacks and even in hidden corners and alcoves. Another important advantage is that LED lights produce no heat.  This fact further contributes to energy efficiency and makes them perfect for use in kitchens.

Ridged LED Light Bars

Plug and play LED linear aluminum light fixtures and LED PCB bars provide attractive lighting solutions as LED lights with or without Dimm to Warm  for home or commercial lighting applications. We offer LED 12V & LED 24V bars for indoor lighting.  As well as  weather proof for outdoor lighting in single colors, color changing RGB/Win and Dimm towarm in a variety of lengths and intensities. Commonly used for under cabinet LED lighting, closet lighting, task lighting, display case lighting, restaurant lighting, wine cellars and a lot more.


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