LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls

LED Video Walls are ideally suited for retail applications – they deliver a big visual effect with maximum impact.

JK Top displays are easy to install, power efficient and most importantly reliable.

Their bright image displays and ease of use make them an attractive option for many different settings.

As store signage, billboards and other advertising, destination signs, stage shows, indoor displays, and more.

The brightness of LED panels is probably the main reason they are supplanting projectors as the top choice of visual technicians.

The technology has moved ahead considerably and costs have reduced.

You’ll be surprised by both how much can be achieved and the amount it costs.

Our display signs can now be lower cost than conventional multiscreen based solutions.

Advantage, they are brighter, borderless, longer life and more reliable than other alternatives.

Especially when there’s ambient light, such as at outdoor music festivals, ballparks, stadiums, fashion events and auto shows.

Ambient lighting will make a projected image more difficult to see, it will not have any effect on the visibility of an LED image.

Depending on the venue, LED walls may not even need to be run at their full brightness.

Meaning they can last even longer than they’re supposed to do and require less energy to operate.


Available options for JKTOP LED Video Walls include:

  • Front or rear access wall LED
  • Remote content management via Browser www.regiomeedia.de
  • LED wall panels suitable for indoor and window applications
  • Vibrant 4.4 trillion colours
  • Easy to control
  • 2-16mm pixel pitch standard LED wall panels
  • Mesh and transparent display options, 16-200mm pixel pitch

The flexibility of LED wall signs means it’s easy to create either integrated screens or free shapes and formats.

You’re not restricted to just a flat LED on a wall. We can make curved, angled, circular, floors, ceilings and more.

Creating a great effect for advertising display boards or other LED video screen applications.Digital Advertising, Digital Signage

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