Linear LED Trunking Systems for Factory Warehouse

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Linear LED Trunking Systems

JKTOP Linear LED Trunking Systems  is a completely compatible modular kit system.

It that can be adapted individually to complex lighting tasks in a wide variety of application areas.

With JKTOP Linear LED Trunking Systems, Retrofit, Light Band System Technology, all components are matched to various  system dimensions.

Developed to be easly combined with each other at random.

Socket outlet inserts, emergency lighting units, tracks, spotlights, LED modules and luminaires are available as well as other accessories.

A versatile and efficient continuous-row lighting system providing intelligent solutions for any lighting task, from LED light, DALI controlled lines, to emergency lighting.


All components of the JKTOP Linear LED Trunking Systems such as power supply, lighting control are High End products.

As there are lots of options like, Dali, Zigbee, ZWave, TRIAC dimmable, 1-10Volt dimmable.

Also the emergency lighting system is optional and can be completely integrated.

The luminaires can be positioned flexibly and the system can be adjusted to structural changes.

At any time our linear trunking as the functional basis, all various luminaire elements, light sources or optics can be replaced or added, if required.

Split-lens technology. Consistent continuous-row system, without any visual interruption or different reflectors.

JK TOP LED compatible Retrofit Trunking

They are 100% compatible with various line of old fashioned  Light Sources such as T5, T8, T10 the entire  product range – even T16 and T26 luminaires.

Already in place can be replaced with our new continuous-row LED system Retrofit easily and without any tools. Luminaire efficiency of up to 165 lumens per watt.

Colour rendering index of Ra >85 and above.  Service life: after 50,000 hours of operation, as much as 90 percent of the initial luminous flux are still available.

IP50 for LED and optic as standard.

Up to 40 % shorter installation times.

25 % fewer individual luminaires.

Less individual packaging and fewer parts at the installation site.

Luminous intensity levels of up to 23 000 lm  Lightweight and perfectly fit to be mounted by one person.

Our continuous-row lighting systems are used in a wide range of applications.  Such as : Warehouses, Supermarkets, Factories, Production lines,  Parking garages e.t.c.

see also /indoor/led-linear-trunking-system/

Available in IP20, IP50 and IP65.

Certification, UL, TUV, GS, CE and RoHS


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