Solar Power means Electricity for Less

Solar Power for Home and Industry

Solar energy is radiant light and heat from the Sun. It is harnessed by using a range of technologies such as Solar Photo Voltaic panels to generate electricity.

Use solar energy to power your home and your industrial facility. Reduce your dependence on the grid and take control of your monthly electricity bill

Solar Power Engineering

Our aim point is, through sophisticated engineering, to reduce the risk, reduce the cost and improve the performance of your solar power projects. The engineering process includes the site layout and the electrical design. As well as assessing a variety of factors to choose an appropriate technology. Important here are the Certificates of Photo Voltaic panels, inverters, GRES/PCS/ESS battery systems. Basic also the high-quality mounting materials. Even projected by us, the entire fully automated Solar Panel Production Turnkey Solution. JK-TOP is directly connected to the top manufacturers in the Chinese Solar Power Industry. In special cases we might engage independent third-party EPC contractors to conduct and monitor this process.

Solar Power and Solar Key Component Procurement

We procure solar modules and all other key components for your solar power projects. Manufacturers and suppliers of our solar modules and key components are our related parties. In special cases we also work with third-party suppliers and contractors. Our purchasing team may take into consideration of technical specifications (including size, type and power output). They negotiate price and warranty. If customer wants insurance programs, spectral response, nominal power tolerance levels and technical after sales support we take of it.  Key for us is also the reputation in quality and financial statement of the manufacturer/supplier. We generally require warranties for defects in materials or workmanship for the components and a warranty for module capacity under normal testing conditions.

JK-TOP make sure that our EPC team or external EPC contractors work in areas such as engineering, installation, construction and project monitoring. We choose our suppliers and contractors through a bidding or quotation request process and a personal visit from our engineers and quality controller’s. Our local offices in China Mainland organize and collect bids/quotations, communicate with potential suppliers and contractors. Coordination with our local development teams is key to meet all technical and legal requirements. We assure that all Solar Power components, purchased through us, have the legal certifications for the destination of countries.


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